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7th May 2019

Why it is essential to pay your levies? …. The monthly levy instalment facilitates the efficient day-today maintenance and management of the communal property of Silverstone Country Estate. Every owner is liable to pay levies; ensuring that ample funding is available to achieve the obligations set forth by the Home Owners Association.

Unfortunately, owners who do not pay their levies place an unfair burden on the home owners who are diligently paying their levies. Levies play an essential part in ensuring that the HOA continues to operate smoothly in all aspects of management and maintenance; unpaid levies compromise the integrity and condition of Silverstone Country Estate because the HOA are unable to meet its financial obligations if all owners are not making their contribution.

For example, repairs and maintenance to the common property falter; upgrades and improvements are delayed; municipal accounts fall into arrears and the resulting debts may prompt the HOA to raise Special Levies to continue covering costs.

Pretor and the HOA are working tirelessly to recover outstanding levies. Your contribution in ensuring that your levies are paid monthly and timeously will be much appreciated. Owners are encouraged to sign a debit order form, this can be done through Pretor.

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Estate Manager
Charlene Crous
Cell: 082 889 5677
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Should you wish to make contact with the Silverstone directors, please email your concern to [email protected]

Managing Agent: Pretor Group
Portfolio Manager:
Bianca de Plooy
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Estelle Labuschagne
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Tel: 012 001 9128

365 Security
Phillip van Schalkwyk
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24Hr Security Shift Senior Officer
Cell: 073 744 0611

Estate Architects
Plan C Architectural
Chantel Hurter
Cell: 072 423 9467
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